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ICP Tutoria: Introduction

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(This tutorial is a tentative version. I will update this tutorial according to the latest version.
Because of my English skill, this tutorial may contain some English mistakes and sentences that are difficult to understand. Please give me feedback if you find some problems.)

This tutorial provides basic information about IIIF Curation Platform (ICP). Our step by step tutorials are easy to understand ICP and its using method.

First, we explain the concept and design of ICP. Then we create, manage and edit curation with demo version ICP on CODH web site. And we explain Docker version ICP to who want to set up dedicated ICP environment for their own project.
If you want to use ICFinder to search own curation or setup ICP with basic authentication, you must create dedicated ICP environment.

For the present, we suppose that there are four ways to use ICP.

  • (1) Using demo version ICP on CODH web site.
    In this way, you do not need special preparation to use ICP. You can manage your own curation with log-in function. However, you cannot create dedicated ICP environment for your own project.
  • (2) Using ICP client on your own.
    You can use ICP on your web server as soon as copy it. But you cannot create dedicated ICP environment for your own project
  • (3) Setting up ICP server to your own environment.
    You can create dedicated ICP environment with downloading and installing each ICP component. Docker version ICP makes installation easy.
  • (4) You want to use ICP server but difficult to set up on your own.
    If you can organize a joint research project with CODH, CODH can host ICP for it.

Regarding case (1), you can learn how to operate ICP by reading the tutorial 02 and 03. Also about case (3), you can learn basic information through tutorial 04. Of course, you need to learn about Docker itself and server management in advance separately from this tutorial.

If you want to learn more than this tutorial or more detailed features of ICP, we have prepared documentation of ICP and ICP component on CODH website. Please refer to it.

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